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5 Simple Tips to Enhance Your Child’s Communication Skills

Learning effective communication skills

Learning effective communication skills is an essential life skill. The better our communication skills, the better our quality of life. It is essential to teach children how to communicate effectively from a young age. This helps them learn to express themselves clearly and confidently to others. Bad communication skills can lead to miscommunications and conflicts, so it is essential to teach children how to communicate well.

Just learning proper oral communication skills is not enough. Children need to know how to interact meaningfully with others, and they need to learn to converse politely and respectfully. Kids start learning by observing and mimicking the people around them. Their speech, language, and mannerisms are influenced by their parents, teachers and peer groups. This is why it’s crucial for the people around them to practice good communication, values, and manners to teach the child the same values. This helps the child practice using good language and interact politely and respectfully with others, which helps them build healthy relationships.

Good verbal communication skills can also help build good reading and writing skills. These skills are essential to excel both academically and professionally. Here are 5 simple tips that will help you enhance your child’s communication skills.

5 Ways to Boost a Child’s Communication Skills

  1. Stories:

    Storytelling sessions don’t just make bedtime more fun, but they’re also a great way to help your child pick up communication skills. As parents read, children learn new words, how to sound out words, pronunciation, and intonation. This expands their vocabulary and improves their language skills. Additionally, reading moral stories for kids helps children learn important life lessons and values. These stories help them learn to be kind, considerate, have good manners and good social behavior. All these skills also help them develop better communication skills.
  2. Show and Tell:

    Show and tell is a wonderful game to help little kids improve their verbal communication skills. In this game, you give your child a simple topic and ask them to talk about it. For example, they can talk about their favorite fruit, their favorite cartoon, or their favorite story. Instruct the child to say at least 5-7 lines about the topic. This is a great activity to boost your child’s confidence, eloquence, imagination and creativity. 
  3. Riddles:

    Riddles are a simple but effective way to improve your child’s communication and comprehension skills. As they listen to the riddles and guess the answers, they learn new words, which expands their vocabulary and improves their language skills. Additionally, to find the answers to riddles for kids, the child needs to listen to the question and think about it before answering. This helps improve their listening skills, logical reasoning, and problem-solving skills, which are also crucial to develop their communication skills. Riddles also teaches kids about humor, which helps them learn how to diffuse tense situations with funny riddles or humorous anecdotes.
  4. Telephone:

    Telephone is a fun and engaging game, which tests the child’s listening and speaking skills. This communication learning game is best played with a group of children and is also a great game for children’s parties. Get the kids to sit in a circle, ensure that they sit close enough to whisper in each other’s ears. Ask one child to stand up and whisper a message in their ear. Now ask the child to whisper the message to the player to their right. Ask each child to whisper the message to a player to the right until everyone in the circle gets a turn. Ask the last child that heard the message to say it out loud. It’s quite likely that the message is quite different from the original message.
  5. Extempore:

    Impromptu speech or extempore is a great way to boost a child’s verbal communication skills. Give the child a simple topic and ask them to speak about it for a few minutes. This helps the child think on their feet and learn to articulate their ideas and opinions clearly. Additionally, this activity also helps boost the child’s confidence and improves their public speaking skills.

Developing good communication skills becomes easy for the child when the parents and adults around them communicate, often with them. This will help them communicate efficiently and learn to speak spontaneously and confidently in social situations.