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What are the Benefits of Studying MBBS in Georgia for Indian Students

Benefits of Study MBBS in Georgia for Indian Students

In last few years there has been an unprecedented rise in the number of admissions being taken in MBBS courses in Georgia. People literally feel it so reputed to study in MBBS course and on top of that studying in Georgia acts as icing on the cake. Low cost for international students is appreciate by Indians a lot. Almost 10.000 Indian students enrol themselves in foreign institutions. Georgia may not top the charts but holds a considerably better position than its counterparts at various levels. The increasing competition in India makes students pursue MBBS from abroad. Studying MBBS in Georgia is easy for Indian students.

Benefits of Studying MBBS in Georgia for Indian Students

1. World-class education

Many of the universities in Georgia provide outstanding world-class education. This prompts so many students to take admission here. It has become a global fact. The courses offered here are in line with the European and American systems of education.

2. Pocket-friendly

 The tuition fees don’t exceed more than 10,000 dollars per year, the living costs are less than 3000 dollars per year. Together, you will find the total cost of the MBBS course and added expenditures very cheap. Also, special aids and donation drives are organize for Indians. The cost may seem higher than in countries like Nepal but facilities are better.

3. Lucrative place

Georgia has an ambient climate and is a good destination for medical students. Basically, a one-stop solution for all medicos. It is safe and pleasant. However, The country, Georgia is super Develop and helps provide a superior quality of well-being. The country boasts that it has the lowest crime rate in the world.

4. Easy process of admission

Students are not Require to take an IELTS or TOEFL. Moreover, Admission is fairly based on class 12th and NEET results which is too optional. This provides access to Indian students who could not secure a seat through NEET results in Indian government institutions.

5. Recognised degrees

Basically The MBBS and MD degrees awarded in Georgia at the end of five years are recognized by all renowned institutions. The degree itself holds great value. An add benefit is that it is given by the University of Georgia.

6. Great Infrastructure

 The hospitals here are really good in infrastructure and technological advancements. Students who later become medicos really find it enjoyable to visit hospitals for some laboratory work.

7. No frauds

Almost on fraud cases are prevalent here. And you will find no one asking you for donations to gain a permit or entry to the college. Unlike other nations, where the universities actually tie-up with fraudulent organizations and send agents for the same.

8. No strict rules

 Students of any age can take admission here. There is absolutely no age limit which is very advantageous as many people come to know about such opportunities quite later or they try to compete with good marks in their home nation itself.

9. Great options

Students are give an opportunities to move to Europe for pursuing post-graduation. Many students get stuck with their career after graduation, here is where a good institution steps in and prompts students to pursue post-graduation in other countries.

10. Good hostel facilities

Proper care is taken in terms of hostel facilities and separate hostels are present for different genders. The hostels are well-furnish and it’s an absolute delight to live here in a friendly and hospitable environment.

11. Separate batches

There is a provision for different admission seasons -mainly two, once in February and March and once in September and October.This provides multiple opportunities to students, especially those who missed in the first round.

12. Good administration

 The authorities here act quickly. There is absolutely no delay. The students get a welcome letter and accreditation letter from the Ministry of Education and Science of Georgia as soon as their application to seek admission reaches  Georgia.

13. MCI recognition

MCI recognizes Master degrees from most of the institutes from Georgia. The degrees from those institutes are valid for practice in India. The only requirement is that they pass the screening test.

14. More options

 Medicos from Georgian universities can literally practice anywhere in the world as long as they are eligible and qualify for the country’s respective exams. For example, to work in the USA, you have to qualify for USMLE.For the UK, you have to qualify for PLAB. European countries are strict and they ask you to take the language test also.

15. 100% visa approval

 The visas of Indian students are approve almost immediately. So you don’t have to run from one office to another for small things. The same condition is apply to guardians also.

16. Good living conditions

The weather in Georgia is comfortable. However, There is 24*7 water facilities and people are so friendly that it is totally unimaginable. People offer you safe hygienic food. They have a very welcoming nature and good hospitality.

17. Coaching facilities

If you are studying in top medical universities in Georgia, then universities arrange and provide facilities for MCI coaching for all the Indian students who are studying there.

18. Various options

However, For Indian and foreign students alike, all those who are planning to pursue MBBS from Georgia, there are various opportunities for them. They can make their choice from innumerable medical universities. There is almost no limit over that. Keep in mind that, most of the medical universities are endorsed by MCI and are deemed to be very prestigious in every nook and corner of the world.

19. Student-friendly

There is no limitation as to when and where students can apply and are never force to take admission in any college or university in which he/she is not interested.

There is no any kind of limitation where students have no choice and are forced to seek admission in a college or university in which he or she is not at all interested.


Basically MBBS admission in Georgia is super-easy. You just need the right amount of guidance and willpower. Georgia is a good option to study MBBS abroad. Many students get entries in various colleges of Georgia almost every year. Contact the Best MBBS Abroad Education Consultant in India, Pulse Education for gaining more information and guidance. It just takes one decision to change our lives. Better not delay and try to excel in everything you do. The endeavors will be made by you today and results may not come immediately but good results shall follow in years to come.