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Custom Bakery Boxes Highlight Your Brand

Custom Bakery Boxes Highlight Your Brand

Food packaging is very important for many reasons. It lets us know what’s inside the packaging, protects our food from dirt and germs, and secures freshness. Here, we will go over Custom Bakery Boxes, often used to package baked goods like cookies, cakes, pastries, pies, bread, and more.

Custom Boxes are Attractive

Custom bakery boxes are more attractive than traditional paper bags or plastic wrap. They’re typically designed with a certain product in mind. They come in all kinds of styles that can also match different types of products. For example, suppose you have an organic, gluten-free cookie company. 

In that case, your boxes can have a natural design on them with green colors. So, people associate the cookies with being healthy even though they may not be so. These boxes can also have a window so people can see what item they’re getting before purchasing them.

Custom Boxes are Durable

Custom bakery boxes are more durable than paper bags or plastic wrap, too. They’re typically made from carton board instead of printed on cardstock. Yet, it may not be able to withstand moisture and dirt as well as carton board will. 

Since these boxes are more sturdy, you need less packaging than other options, which companies appreciate. It can save them money over time. Shipping costs for products that use these types of boxes are often much lower at the same time. Thus, they require less materials to ship. 

The same thing applies to shipments that go out via UPS, USPS, FedEx, or any other carrier that typically uses boxes.

How to Start Up Packaging Journey for Bakery Boxes Wholesale?

Many grocery stores, bakeries, and other retailers use Bakery Boxes Wholesale. You can also use them for homemade cookies or cakes to go if you have a cake business of your own. Try finding carton board suppliers online who have the exact type of box you’re looking for. 

So, you realize they can easily hold your baked goods without ripping open. You’ll need to find custom bakery boxes that are the right size too. It means taking measures of your goods before purchasing any design since they come in different sizes. 

Once you have all this info listed down, contact the supplier directly through their website or email. If it is not listed there, ask them how much it costs for a certain number of boxes to ship to you.

The supplier may reply in just a few minutes. It might take an entire day because they receive so many emails and don’t always have the time to answer them immediately. Once you’ve received your box order, which usually comes within 3-4 business days at the most unless customs put a hold on the shipment, you’ll need to place it into your inventory. 

You should already know how much room is required for these products when storing them in their proper location. One of the tasks we assigned when setting up shelves in the Wholesale Inventory Organizer. Must leave sufficient room between boxes. So, people easily grab them during each shopping visit.

Welfares of Custom Printed Bakery Boxes

Bakery boxes are prepared with corrugated paperboard. The outside of the bakery box is designed to protect the products inside and to add a flashy and cool design for potential customers. 

There are several paybacks to Custom Printed Bakery Boxes. For example, added exposure and prospects for firms with limited advertising budgets. They let bakeries save money on the shipping costs compared to traditional packaging such as bottles and jars. Let companies quickly and easily pull old product information to re-label package designs.

With so many benefits, it is coherent why the decision makers at small bakeries often consider printed boxes instead of traditional materials. What about larger bakeries? What about coffee shops or larger bakeries that already have a lot of product information on hand and don’t need to print custom bakery boxes immediately?

 Is it still worth it for them? This list of printing features is designed specifically to provide the larger bakeries with enough knowledge to make an educated decision.

More Aesthetically Pleasing than Traditional Packaging

Many people swear by traditional packaging. However, most agree that printed boxes look better. With custom printing on each box, there is: 

  • Extra space for crafting and novel designs
  • Translating into a more memorable first impression for your customers 
  • Increased awareness of your brand name

You can think of it as placing a billboard at every customer’s house.

Protect Products and Help to Increase Brand Awareness

If used properly, they can help protect your goods from damage caused by temperature and humidity. In addition, prevent them from being damaged or crushed in shipping. 

Adding a lot of highly noticeable advertising increases the opportunity for the potential customers to become aware of your brand name. It means more word of mouth marketing, translating into increased product sales!     
The use of Custom Bakery Boxes offers several benefits that improve distribution processes for bakers. They protect goods during transit to maintain quality without sacrificing visual appeal in the process. These advantages help select this packaging material over the recycled paper bags or no container at all. Custom bakery boxes are the best business decision for local bakeries.

Please Note: Food items are not intended for long term storage without preservatives added. This list does not cover all information available in boxes. Still, it provides insight into some key benefits that businesses should consider before printing. 

Custom bakery boxes are usually purchased when people plan to sell their baked goods from home, in a brick and mortar store, or from an online website. Place your brand design onto the front of each box to build your brand’s image. 

Make it more recognizable by customers who purchase your products frequently. It will enable people to recall what types of baked goods you offer over time. They’ll see it every time they receive one of these Custom Printed Bakery Boxes with your logo on it!

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