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Organization of a Successful Festival: How to Do it?

Organization of a Festival How to Do it

Organized for charitable purposes or simply to publicize its association under the 1901 law, the festival is an event that aims to be convivial and festive, but also informative. However, organizing a festival is not an easy task. Indeed, it is required to follow numerous important measures successful Festivals for its organization: choice of the place, communication, ticketing, definition of the budget, search for financing… In addition, it is necessary to respect a certain number of legal obligations such as the subscription to an insurance or again the completion of a declaration formality with the competent authority. In addition, there is the management of members and volunteers of the associative body before and during the event. Also, to ensure the success of your festival, take these few points into account during your preparations.

  • The various steps to follow for the organization of a festival
  • Define the theme of the festival…
  • …and its frame
  • Choose and contact the stakeholders
  • Establish the schedule
  • Determine the festival’s organizational budget
  • Organizing a festival: the legal obligations to be observes the best
  • Make a declaration or an authorization request
  • Request additional permissions
  • Ensure the safety of the festival
  • Take out insurance
  • Communication around the event: how to proceed?
  • How to manage the ticket office?

The Various Actions to Follow for the Organization of a Festival

As with any associative event (concert, show, sports tournament, etc.), the organization of a festival must also go through several important stages. Find out which ones.

Define the theme of the festival

It is important to establish the theme on which this associative event will be based before organizing a festival. This will also allow you to rally other people and possibly other associations and institutions to your project. The theme depends above all on your hopes and the goals of the event. The duration as well as the area (s) it will cover can also help you define the topic. Festival of music, dance, cinema, theater…, there is no shortage of ideas. The theme can also be utilizes to identify the name of the event.

Note that the name of this cultural event may well be the subject of protection via a trademark registration with the INPI.

successful Festivals and its frame

As for the setting in which the festival will be held, it should not be choses at random. It must indeed respond to the facilities required for the event. Likewise, the capacity of the place must be proportional to the number of festivalgoers expected. And this, whether it is a room or an outdoor space. In any case, depending on the location chosen, the completion of certain administrative procedures may be compulsory. This is particularly the case in public areas and on public roads.

Choose and Contact the Stakeholders for successful Festivals

For the choice of speakers (artists, specialists, etc.), you just must base yourself on the theme for which you have opted upstream. Therefore, if you plan to hire paid artists, it strongly recommends to bet on renowned speakers. Otherwise, calling on amateur artists can be an interesting alternative, especially for small budgets. Especially since it is a rather common practice successful Festivals in the context of student festivals.

Warning! If you have contacted paid artists, you should in no way forget to enter a contract of employment with them.

Establish the schedule

The program is undoubtedly the common thread that will ensure the smooth running of the festival. A well-crafted program will not fail to contribute to the success of this event. He must take into consideration the technical constraints and the fees of the artists (if paid). But also, the decisions are initially takes with the stakeholders when signing the contract.

Determine the successful festival organizational budget

Regardless of the size and attendance expected for the festival, the associative structure carrying the project must pay particular attention to the definition of the budget for the organization of the event. A provisional budget gives you the possibility of successful Festivals having an overview of expenses (room or land rental, logistics, remuneration of speakers, etc.) and income (stand rental, ticketing, sale of advertising space, etc.). By examining it, you will be able to know if your project can come to fruition. If so, do you need to call on financial partners? In this case, the establishment of a presentation file for your future funders is requires. Sponsorship, patronage, grants from local communities, regional directorate of cultural affairs (DRAC), public institutions, etc., various sources of funding are also at your disposal.

The organization of a festival is subject to specific legal requirements, including the completion of a declaration formality or an authorization successful Festivals request from the town hall or the prefecture. In addition, there are other specific administrative procedures (setting up a refreshment bar, playing music, etc.), security and insurance obligations. The details straight away.

Make a declaration or an authorization request

If you are organizing your festival in a public space, administrative authorization is requirement. The association must therefore request the mayor or the police prefect. This request must indicate, among other things:

  • The identity of the corporate event planner
  • The date and times of the beginning and end of the festival
  • The location of the event
  • The planned sound systems

The same goes if your event brings together successful Festivals more than 1,500 people. You must send a request for authorization to the competent authority at least one month (and at most 1 year) before the festival. On the other hand, a simple declaration is sufficient if the festival is held in a private place authorizes as an establishment receiving the public (ERP) and on the public highway.

Request additional permissions

Depending on the circumstances, other authorizations requirements. Thus, for the installation of a refreshment bar or a bar, you need a license of a drinking establishment. To obtain it, you must submit your request to the town hall at least 15 days before the festival. In addition, you must comply with the regulations applicable to drinking establishments’ successful Festivals in terms of display, display, hygiene, and safety. Respect for food hygiene rules should also not be neglects.

On the other hand, if a diffusion or an interpretation of musical works gets during the event, it is necessary to obtain the authorization of the SACEM. Without forgetting the payment of the related broadcasting rights.

In addition, if you plan to set up a marquee on the premises, a prior declaration makes up the session. It must therefore specify the place, date, successful Festivals and times of the festival. But also, the capacity and the technical characteristics of the marquee.

Ensure the safety of the festival

Of course, the association must ensure the safety of the festival and take all necessary measures to limit the risk of an accident. You must therefore do everything possible to respect and enforce the safety rules in force. This is not only by festivalgoers but also by members of the staff (members and volunteers within the associative body, service providers, artists, etc.). When the situation requires it (a festival bringing together more than 1,500 people, for example), the formation of security service may even be compulsory.

In addition, it is imperative to check the conformity of the installations and equipment used. And this to avoid accidents as much as possible (electrocution, fire, etc.). The authorities can also request the intervention of a rescue team. The local office of the Red Cross, rescuers, firefighters, volunteers… the choice is yours for the composition of this rescue system.

Take out insurance

As the main person in charge and event planner near me of the festival, the association law 1901 must take out insurance that covers its civil liability. However, it is not only the human dimension that must be considers many things. It is also crucial to consider the material aspect of the event. In other words, you must add guarantees that could cover the materials used and the location of the event. Cancellation, strike, bad weather insurance… certain guarantees can of course adds up to according to your needs.

Communication around the event: how to proceed?

Communication is certainly a crucial point that should not take lightly for the success of your festival. The associative structure must therefore efficiently encourage its event and make it gain full visibility. For this, it has different options that complement each other:

  • Classic communication media: the press, posters, flyers, brochures, banners, leaflets, etc.
  • Online communication channels: social networks (Facebook, Twitter, etc.), the association’s website, newsletters, email campaigns, etc.

In any case, you should pay attention to the content of your advertisement. Indeed, it is essential to indicate useful information. To know:

  • The name of the festival and that of the organizing association
  • The address and contact details of the carrier organization (phone number and email) as well as its logo
  • The place, date, and times of the start and end of the event
  • Entrance fee
  • Presentation and program of the festival
  • The list of speakers (artists, etc.)
  • The partners of the association

How to manage the ticket office?

About the sale and presale of tickets, it is greatly advised to merge the following two devices:

  • Upstream online ticketing
  • Manual ticketing on site

These two distribution channels will effectively allow you to skip the lines and save a lot of time. Especially when it comes to a large event with over 1,500 people to welcome. For an event with less audience, this will simply avoid the tedious step of highlighting the entrants before the kick-off, but also and above all to build up a contact list interested in your association, who could become future supporters or donors!

From then on, thanks to online ticketing, you will be able to follow the sale of your tickets in real-time. Integrates into a mini-website or on the website of the associative body, the link dematerializes window can also insert in the advertisement on social networks, blogs, etc. This will also allow you to have a website on which to describe your event, insert practical details, the different prices, etc.

To choose the right ticket office online, remember to check the user fees or bank commissions if there is a ticket scanner application for the entrance to the event and the various options. For latecomers, on the other hand, the manual ticket office available on-site will be of great help to them to take part in the festival. You may also get in touch with any event or wedding planners near me in Maryland.