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10 reasons why your property is not selling

There are many reasons why a property might not sell. It could be because the home is too expensive for potential buyers or it could be that the current market doesn’t have any properties in this price range. Whatever the reason, here are 10 possible reasons why your property is not be selling. 

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1) Your property is overpriced

If your home is overpriced, potential buyers will not be able to work out how much they can afford on the property and won’t make an offer. If you need to drop the price, you will often have to go lower than the market value of the home is. It might also help to list all of its selling points so that you can add in the features that make it stand out from other homes on the market.

If there are no people looking at your property, you will not get an interested buyer to make a purchase. To increase the chance of making a sale, try placing adverts outside your home or hanging up a ‘for sale’ board near your front door.

2) Your house hasn’t been updated in a while

If your property hasn’t been updated in a few years, it might not interest potential buyers. You may need to update the furniture and decor as well as modernizing any appliances or fixtures and fittings. It can be expensive to make significant changes throughout a home, but it will attract more people and add more value than if you leave it as is.

3) Your property’s on a busy road

If your home is on a busy road, there may be less chance of people stopping to look at it. A lot of people don’t like the noise and traffic that comes with this location and maybe put off from making an offer on your property.

You may also need to clean the exterior of your home more regularly to make sure that any dirt or marks are clear.

4) Your house is hidden away

If you have a large home on a suburban street, it might not attract as much attention as one that is on the show with its address displayed at the end of a driveway or the front of the home. If you want to attract more potential buyers, consider moving your fence so that it is open and visible from the street.

5) Your house needs a lot of work

If your home needs a significant amount of repairs or renovations, potential buyers may be put off by this and not make an offer. You might need to leave the renovations until after the sale if you want to sell your home for a reasonable price.

6) Your house is far from amenities and public transport

If your home is too far away from local amenities and public transport, it might be difficult for people to commute and visit regularly. This could deter potential buyers and mean that they aren’t interested in making an offer.

7) You have a small kitchen

If your kitchen is small, it may be difficult for people to see if the space would suit them. You could increase its size or make it a more open plan by removing some walls or knocking down a dividing wall.

8) Your property isn’t near good schools

For families looking to move house, having access to local public schools can influence their decision. If you have a home near good schools, it might be much easier to attract buyers and make a sale compared to one that isn’t in the vicinity.

9) You have too many stairs

If people have to climb too many stairs, they might not want to make an offer on your home. If you can, try and cut down the number of stairs so that it is more accessible for potential buyers.

10) You have a cluttered or unorganized garden

If your home has too many items in the backyard or unkempt grass, it might deter potential buyers. It is important to keep your garden neat and tidy so that people can see more of the land. Get rid of things like old pools or broken posts so that you can make your garden more attractive.


These are just some of the reasons why your property may not be selling. If you want to sell quickly, you might need to make some changes throughout your home so that it becomes more attractive and more saleable.

You may be worried about the price of these renovations, but you might actually get your money back when it comes to selling your home. Consider upgrading your kitchen or bathroom if you are looking for buyers who are interested in this type of property.

If you have a larger backyard that is mostly untamed, consider cutting down trees and paying someone to make it more presentable to potential buyers. You might find that you make a sale and get your money back when other people see how much work has been done on the property after your renovations.

We hope this article helped you understand why your property is not selling and what you can do to attract more buyers.