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What to Look for When Choosing a Hotel Destination for Your Wedding

What to Look for When Choosing a Hotel Destination for Your Wedding

Choose the best Bakersfield Hotel Destination for Your Wedding

The most crucial part of the wedding which can’t be overlooked is -Venue. Finding a perfect venue is not an easy task. Whether you’re searching for a gorgeous barn, an elegant ballroom, a warm restaurant, or a peaceful stretch of beach, there is a tonne of options available. However, finding the right one is daunting.

In this article, we will share some expert tips on how to choose an ideal wedding venue.

Keep These Points in Mind When You Look For Wedding Accommodations for Your Visitors


Location is arguably the most important consideration when deciding on a hotel for wedding guests. Because you don’t want your loved ones to have to drive far to attend your wedding. Choose hotels that are conveniently nearby to the wedding site to narrow your search—the closer, the better.

It would be great to locate wedding lodgings for guests close to your location. Your loved ones won’t have to worry about contacting cabs or driving if the closest hotels to your wedding location are actually not that close. As a result, you might want to think about providing transportation for your guests to and from your wedding.


Setting a budget is also an important aspect. The cost breakdown of a destination wedding will normally be the same as a non-destination wedding. However, you will need a budget for extra costs like airfare and lodging. The location totally depends on your budget.

For instance, if the expense of flight alone would consume the majority of your budget, you’ll probably want to choose a location that doesn’t require flying, unless you’re ready to make other concessions. In some regions of the world, overall expenses could be greater if you travel during the busiest travel period. If you are living in California, the best hotel in Bakersfield is also a good option.

Guest List

Make a guest list before booking a venue. Considering how many guests will attend your wedding will help you reserve hotels.  Focus your search for wedding lodgings on larger hotels with lots of rooms if you’re hosting a large number of guests from out of town. Smaller inns and bed & breakfasts are other options to consider if you simply need to host a few visitors from outside the area.

Choose a Backdrop

Decide a backdrop, whether mountains or beach, city or outskirts. Choose the scenery and climate you desire for your big day. Consider the beaches that are on your bucket list if you’re often daydreaming about shells and sunshine; one of them might be ideal for your destination wedding. There is a tonne of surprising coastal possibilities, including many in the US. Exquisite beaches can be found in Hawaii, Florida, California, South Carolina, and Rhode Island. You will find nice backdrops if you book the best hotel in Bakersfield for your D-day.

Book Room Block

A room block is a collection of hotel rooms set aside for guests of your event solely. Hotels frequently provide group discounts on these accommodations, which can be a huge perk for your visitors. Ask the hotels you are thinking about if they will hold room blocks, and if so, what the conditions are. The majority of the time, hotels will only hold onto a room block for a certain time before opening it up to the general public. Make sure your guests are informed of the deadline if this is the case, otherwise they may miss out on the discount and end up being turned away from the hotel altogether.

Event Space

Pre- and post-wedding ceremonies may be held at one of the hotels your guests will be staying. An excellent (and quite convenient) location for wedding-related festivities can be a hotel, whether it’s your rehearsal dinner or your post-wedding brunch. If you think this sounds attractive, seek guest accommodations for weddings that have room for your festivities.


Certain hotel amenities, such as cable TV, internet access, and parking, are must-haves. Whereas others, such as a pool, beach access, fitness center, and room service, are, merely good to have. When choosing wedding lodgings, take into consideration what matters the most to the majority of your guests.

Summing Up

Considering these factors may be overwhelming. You still need to make some decisions about the details of your big day! The above-mentioned points will help you choose the ideal resorts for your destination wedding. Hopefully, your all queries have been resolved in this article. Still any questions? You can ask in the comments.

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